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Okay, I managed to blog before the year 2010 ends.

here’s a summary of what happened from that last post till now.

Basically work got really busy when the renovations kicks in. Staying in the office till wee hours of the night and alot of weekends burnt but of course at the end of the day I got really happy cause of the money coming into my bank account $$$. With money, there comes some luxury spending. What I mean by luxury is things I can live on without spending. Okay, due to the World Cup fever, as a fan, I couldn’t miss out right? I bought a Spain national jersey. Had Torres imprinted on it. Real beauty as it was my favourite color and I like the passing game of the Spanish team and how can I miss out on the club which I had supported since I was a little boy? Grab the new season’s Manchester United jersey on launch day and had the name of the ever-green Giggs on it. Next, I finally went for the concert of Jay Chou whose songs accompanied me through my teenage years. The concert was nothing short of spectacular, a visual fest of effects. Did the craziest thing in my life by attending Jay Chou first autograph session in Singapore throughout his 10 year singing career by waiting and queuing for 12 hours to see his greatness and his signature in gold. Ended my work and resume school. School was hectic. It’s like a totally another level from poly studies. Enrolled in a marketing degree only to find out that marketing is such a bitch.. school is busy to an extent that before i know it, one semester already passed.

My acer lcd monitor broke down after only 1 year plus. Went for some late night shopping and bought the Samsung BX2331 LED monitor. Full HD . Definitely can see the difference with the naked eye. Colors are more vibrant. But still an expensive buy.

The year 2010 passed fast for me maybe it’s busy and hectic.

Come to think of it, I will be 27 the next world cup. oh man. Time really flies.

How many of my friends who chased the fever with me will be that free and single? I can’t even picture myself in 2014.

Holidays has been boring for me. Everyday I think I have too much time to think about things.

The hardest thing to find in life?

Personally, I think the hardest thing in life is the simplest things in life. Things like joy, happiness, mutual respect really looked simple but are they really that simple? You can have loads of friends but how many of them actually understands you? How many of them actually remember the little details of you? In this hectic and money chasing world, who in the hell actually sits down and listens and talk to you? A good listening ear and someone to confide in is hard to find, so cherish one when you find yours.



well personally i think i am unique in a strange way.

I am a weirdo.

here i state my strange stuff.

1. I think I am quite anti-social.

2. Many think that water is a important resource but I think that Coke can replace water and for those who know me, i drink Coke like how normal people drink water.

3.I believe in Room Sweet Room. No kidding i can stay the whole day or even week in my dog hole.

4.I get angry,upset,happy easily. Yes, I think that I had mood swings and I cannot control my emotions. It changes like the weather.

5.I think that sleeping can heal all stuff.

6. Alot of people say that I’m “Beng” but I am not okay? maybe I do curse and swear alot but that’s point 4 for you okay? I need anger management too.

7. I am not a planning person but when I do stuff I will plan and think of what to do first as I am too impatient for screws up.

8. Yes I am impatient.

9. I listen to a lot of songs which are in languages which I do not understand but isn’t music supposed to be universal?

10. I love the night. If I don’t hold a job, i would probably be awake every night.

10 strange facts. Alright then shall post when I’m in the mood.

Back after 1 year +

Well it’s still the plain o’ me who have the sudden urge to write after so long. It’s one year plus ago since my last post which was grumbling about the deployment and being in National Service while now I’m a 2 months old free man. How time flies. Back then during this period, I was still in deployment with the wonderful brothers that I had made during our times in army but we made every little damm thing fun and exciting while we serve.

As much as I hate the army, I have to admit that I MISS my platoon and the fun times we had. Will actually be having a gathering next Saturday and I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

So off I ORD-ed to face the harsh reality outside, I am actually working as a temp now. Work life is fun as people in my workplace are nice people however the pay is quite miserable to survive not to mention my spendings. I intend to further my studies but there is this unknown fear in me that I might screw up my studies but nevertheless I still look forward to studying. Okay great, life’s not that fantastic and my relationship is in a mess. I am not perfect or even a good boyfriend that girls expect but if you love me, why can’t you accept my flaws too? Contentment might sound easy or even silly but who truly knows what is contentment? Yes, I might whine and bitch but whatever it is at the end of the day, I accept it as part of life. If you do not know contentment, you’ll never gonna know what is happiness in life. If you compare every little things in life, you will never get satisfied and it will never end.

I’ll stop here and get back to my routine of  sleeping and waking up at 7pm and slog my day away. Can’t wait for the weekends.

Writing for demand.

I admitted that I haven’t been blogging much and some readers are already complaining to me. I’m somehow facing a period of bloggers’ block. I have nothing to blog on.

Deployment had been going through a rough patch these few weeks, lots of unfortunate stuffs happen but some stuff happen not because of bad luck but rather it’s because of one’s stupidity. I do not care whether the following person involved is reading or not as I really think it’s not a case of bad luck as he had claimed. I just think it’s a masterpiece of stupidity at its best and if you are reading, please be considerate by not switching on the lights on faces of people when they’re still asleep. Your considerate actions will very much be appreciated. Thank you.

I’m sick and tired of the same duty I had been doing for months. I need a change in working enviroment. Though people always welcome changes but not every changes are welcomed. Our platoon commanders are changing soon and I’m feeling kinda emo bout that. As much as we complained about whatever they did for us, deep down inside we know they’re actually quite nice people to work with.

Shall end here. Nothing inspiring.

Random Blabberings.

1) I hate “sudden” stuff.

2) I hate rude people in blue who eats my lunch without even asking.

3) I hate to be without cash.

4)I hate to be waken up by inconsiderate people switching on the lights in my face.

5)I hate people with stuck-up attitude and thinks they know everything but in actual fact, they are pea-brained.

6)I hate it when they are no movies to watch in the cinemas. ARGH.I love watching movies.

7) NS has taken over my life .period. I have just missed out on 2 huge ceremories namely the National Day Parade 2008 and the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. There were talking points bout the 2 ceremony and I who was busy doing duty do not know WTF the people are talking about.

It turned out that

– There is bad weather on the day of the NDP and i think due to the uncontrollable wind conditions, one of the Red Lion landed awkwardly and fell. I feel bad for the guy who fell as I do not think it’s his fault that he fell.Although they had alot of jumps and rehearsals before, the weather is uncontrollable and they have to actually land at the particular spot to ensure their the crowd and their own safety. I think that instead of making a big fuss out of this incident, people should just try parachuting first else STFU and respect the SAF personels who had spend months of burnt weekend to put up a good show for our motherland.

-Some fireworks of the Beijing 2008 opening ceremory is fake even though most of the audience thought that it was filmed live. Okay the commitee had spoken out and the reason given is that it’s difficult and dangerous for the helicopter’s pilot to follow the fireworks route and shoot it live. Why can’t people just watch the show and admire it rather than to find flaws in the hardwork of people.

5th August 2008

Today is the day which marks the 21st birthday of yours truly,nuxed.

For once today, i experienced how the little gestures of the people around me actually made my day and to be honestly i’m truly touched. I hereby wish to say a very big “THANK YOU” who actually wished and celebrated my birthday with me.

Before today, the thought of spending my birthday in camp is really a major turn off but my dear platoon mates who actually spend the effort to “decorate” my cupboard and showered me with vending machine goodies including 3 cigarettes before going off for deployment really changed my views bout that. Though i don’t smoke but i’ll keep the 3 cigarettes.I would like to thank you guys for the thoughs which definitely meant alot to me. The guys who worked with me on my deployment bought me cakes, suffered a scolding from the weird bus driver gave me a big surprise along the guys on 24hrs LQRF who were mostly from section 2 sang me a birthday song. I love the cupboard and couldn’t bear to destroy the hardwork of you people. Once again a big thank you.

Rushed off after the in-camp celebration to meet my girlfriend and my friends available namely Waikiat and Huiying. Once again i got punked today and i was greeted with KFC family feast and cake from my girlfriend. A simple celebration of talks and laughs and photo taking made possible by the efforts of my girlfriend and i’m really truly touched by the people’s thought.

Once again. THANK YOU.


Tag Heuer Formula 1

3 Viceroy cigarettes

Vending Machine Goodies

Secret Recipe Cakes with Sprite

Prima Deli Cake

Springfield Green Shirt

ZARA Polo Tee

Hello peeps

A big “HELLO” to everyone. Like the previous times i tried having a blog, i got the urge to write again. Don’t question me why as I myself do not know why.

NS had gradually occupied me and i have no life now.Been doing deployment for most of my NS (no)life. Few more months before I turned into a 2nd year soldier. Trying to train up recently due to the peeps around me but my laziness conquers me.

Deployment makes me understand my platoon mates one by one. A short recap,I had done deployment with Sebastian, Sara, Tian Yuan and currently Charles. Sebastian’s a fit and friendly audiophile who is never selfish with the food he brings in to camp or deployment. Had some really crazy talk and fun during our tough time in the box at SW. As for Sara the dude who’s with me since BMT , he taught me the way of life in EMR which i think is the best kin to work in and not long after that, Tian yuan my soccer khaki came in and it’s my turn to show him the way of life in EMR and how things work in there. Basically all 3 of us basically had fun at EMR and grew closer to each other in a sense. Currently, I’m now protecting SCA with Charles who is quite a cool guy to talk to and crap with. He has absolute no temper at all despite my crazy antics and my current craze bout the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight is easily the best movie of this year with insane acting from the late Heath Ledger. It totally took the spotlight off Batman. This is the first time i wanted to be a villian so much after watching a super hero movie. The movie is a good sequel to “Batman Begins” and it’s closely focus on the development of the characters for example how Harvey Dent turned from the white knight of Gotham to a villain and the thoughts Batman had.

29 July 2008 1400+hrs

Probably the best thing that happened to me in NS.

I get to see RONALDINHO the man himself at the airport and the whole of the brazil olympics soccer team during my duty.